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Exploring the potential of FHIRs and e-labelling

We are happy to have an article published in Pharmaphorum, a leading digital platform that provides news, analysis, and insights for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Our article ‘Exploring the potential of FHIRs and e-labelling’ by Mallikarjun R , Murali Prasaanth Babu, Priya Arunachalam and Palli Nomuganesh discusses the potential benefits of using Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIRs) and electronic labelling (e-labelling) in the healthcare industry. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIRs) allow fast to build REST based APIs, and are revolutionising the way healthcare providers, patients, and vendors share and access sensitive data. As an emerging data exchange standard, FHIRs allow for secure storage and easy-to-understand data communication.

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  • How FHIR is different from other interoperability standards
  • How healthcare systems benefit from FHIRs
  • How an FHIR is linked to electronic Product Information (ePI)
  • Why there is a need for end-to-end ePI support

Published by Pharmaphorum
March 2023


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