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How can Dispensers combat counterfeiting?

Empirical studies show that counterfeit medicine is not only prevalent in circulation in developing nations, but that it also holds a sizeable market within technologically and economically advanced nations. The need for medicine at affordable prices has created a very lucrative market for malpractitioners. They are investing in the production of substandard medication and acting as a broker for its sale. The introduction of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) has seen a series of requirements for each stakeholder in the supply chain passed in order to both regulate and enable product traceability from the manufacturer through to the dispenser. The requirements are being rolled out in a phased manner for each of the stakeholders to meet and implement the changes. In this article, our General Manager for Consulting, Krishnan S and our Senior Business Analyst, Consulting, Santosh Narayanan BT explore the requirements placed on dispensers and look at how they may meet them.

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Featured by BioSpectrum India | 23 April, 2021

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