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Meta-data Driven Data Coordinating Center Support for Parkinson’s Foundation PD GENEration Registry

We were delighted to present a poster session at the SCDM Live Annual Conference 2022 in San Antonio, Texas on 12 September 2022. 

Please complete the form to download the Poster and learn more about how Navitas Clinical Research is serving as the Registry Coordinating Center for the Parkinson’s Foundation’s PD GENEration program. The poster addresses how we have successfully worked together to deliver:

  • Streamlined process and support to 100 sites
  • Efficient and effective data management and quality control
  • Successful integration of the clinical data of over 4,000 patients with the genetic data
  • Data sets that were shard with The Global Parkinson’s Genetics Program (GP2), National Institute of Aging (NIA), and the Michael J Fox Foundation


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