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PSP Management

Hosted by Navitas Networks this webinar is presented by Kimberly Kotlar, Director, Organized Data Collection (ODC), Center of Excellence (CoE), Pharmacovigilance & Patient Safety (PPS), AbbVie, Jody Trieloff, Associate Director,Pharmacovigilance and Patient Safety Data Management - AbbVie and Marie-Claire Wilson Senior Project Manager from Navitas Life Science.

The webinar addresses the following:

  • The rise of MRPs/PSPs 
    • PSPs/MRPs – an element of the data explosion
    • Impact on volumes / workload
    • Issues and opportunities – PV involvement in design/review, training, risk-based approach
  • A reflection on company experiences
    • Abbvie case study
    • Lessons learned and strategies for success
  • So what and where next?
    • Benefit or burden?
    • Summary, where next for industry
    • Q & A, Close


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