On-Demand Webinar: Technology Enabled Centralized Data Surveillance in Risk Based Monitoring

Listen to our On-demand webinar as our subject matter experts explores key themes regarding

  • Remote Data Collection, Centralized Monitoring, and Decentralized Clinical Trials
  • What is Centralized Monitoring: a Greater Advantage for a Broader Range of Trial
  • What is Risk Based Monitoring (RBM), and how the RBM approach can Improve clinical trial data quality
  • How to Leverage Data Insights for Informed Decisions on Site Performance
  • How to ensure Successful RBM Execution and Harmonization


Janel Shelton-DeMagnus
Clinical Research Manager
Navitas Clinical Research
Dr. Akash Gadgade
Senior Manager, Medical and Scientific Affairs
Navitas Life Sciences
Sumit Vishwambharan
Associate Director Clinical Data Analytics and Risk Based Monitoring
Navitas Life Sciences

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