Leveraging Technology for Improved Outcomes across End-to-End Labeling

End-to-End Labeling is one of the most complex cross-functional processes within the pharmaceutical industry. In order to meet regulatory expectations and ensure future success, it is necessary to develop a robust, scalable, and harmonized solution for the global labeling capability. Join our subject matter experts as they examine how leveraging technology can improve outcomes across your End-to-End Labeling processes.
This webinar will look at:

  • Harnessing labeling technologies as a game changer for end-to-end process optimization and tangible outcomes
  • Exploring conceptual models – moving from current state architecture towards a future state for labeling technology nirvana
  • Extracting business value from your technology investments: moving from retrospective tracking to predictive analytics
Webinar SpeakerQA


Zuby Okemefuna
Senior Consultant
Navitas Life Sciences

Jim Chesterman
Managing Consultant
Navitas Life Sciences

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